New Windows and Entry Doors can add Curb Appeal to a Home That’s for Sale

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Castlegate Entry Doors

Castlegate Entry Doors

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 49% of home buying decisions are based on curb appeal. Although there are many things about a home that contribute to its curb appeal, “outdoor staging” is a key element.
What constitutes curb appeal will vary based on the buyer’s interests. If you have an urban-oriented buyer, a house with a lovely lawn isn’t as important.  Clean updated windows, paint that isn’t peeling, an attractive new entry door, nice plantings, leaves raked and a freshly mowed lawn can all set the tone for what the buyer thinks of a home at first glance.

Among the easier-to-fix curb-appeal issues are the weeds that pop up between pavers on roofing contractor indianasidewalks and patios. Bushes should be trimmed neatly, and plant beds should be weeded and thinned out. Fresh dark mulch adorning even barren landscapes gives them a warmer, more up kept look. Asphalt driveways should be nice and clean, and, if needed, another coat of blacktop applied. 

Boosting curb appeal does not have to be expensive. Sometimes just a fresh coat of paint or washing windows and vinyl siding can add a clean, bright touch to a home.

You might not necessarily get your money back from these investments dollar for dollar, but you are making your house more appealing to buyers and thus easier to sell.

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