5 Tips for Reducing Your Heating Bill this Winter

December 8th, 2016 by | Print

The experts at Trim A Seal have been helping local Indiana homeowners care for their homes for over 60 years. In addition to having properly installed and up to date siding, new entry doors and double pane windows to help keep out cold drafty air, there are other things you can do to reduce your heating bill this winter.

For many homeowners, utilities are one of their biggest monthly expenses, right after rent and groceries. Heating bills can really pack a wallop in the winter months when cooler temperatures rule. Here’s 5 handy tips for conserving energy and reducing your heating bill this winter:

1.Use the sun to help heat your home. Open windows and blinds over southern facing windows during the winter to let more sun in and provide more natural warmth to your home. At night and on cloudy days, keep windows covered to keep heat in.

2. Turn the thermostat down while you sleep. The average homeowner can save 10% a year on heating bills simply by turning heat down 10 to 15 degrees for 7-8 hours each night in winter.

3. Heat only the rooms you use. Keep your whole house heat turned down to between 60-65 and use space heaters just in the rooms where you plan to spend time, like your living room or bedroom. By doing so, you can save approximately $200 each year.

4. Bundle up for warmth. Keep the heat turned down. Instead, wear a sweater and slippers inside to stay warm. Use rugs to keep your floors warm or start a fire. Most people also use their ovens more in the winter. After you’re done cooking, leave your oven door open for some free heat in the kitchen.

5. Use ceiling fans. This seems counter intuitive, but use ceiling fans can to achieve better airflow: a clockwise motion will push hot air down and help to trap heat inside to keep your rooms warmer during cooler months.

For more helpful tips on caring for your home, visit the window, door and siding store in Merrillville. Trim A Seal of Indiana – your home improvement experts for over 60 years.

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