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Is Replacing Your Home’s Windows More Energy Efficient?

When we’re having a really cold winter like we are this year, old windows are much more noticeable because they’re downright drafty. You can feel the cold air when you walk by them. Makes you wonder how much heat is getting out those old windows and just how much money that’s costing you? Winter has a […]

Can Replacing Doors and Windows Save you Money on Utilities?

Now is a good time to start thinking about saving money on energy costs this winter. Winter has a way of showcasingyour home’s little flaws, like old, outdated doors and windows. This winter, let the window and door installation experts at Trim A Seal solve your exterior home improvement problems. Installing new vinyl windows or entry […]

Replacing Old Entry Doors and Windows this Winter Can Save you Money

As the leaves fall off this season, your home is left looking more out in the open than ever. Winter has a way of showcasing your home’s little flaws, like old, outdated doors and windows. This winter, let the window and door installation experts at Trim A Seal solve your exterior home improvement problems. Install […]

Window Replacement and Vinyl Siding are 2 of the Best Investments for Homeowners

According to, homeowners are getting a lot less bang for their remodeling bucks than they did a few years ago. From a sales perspective, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms are the most likely to help you sell your home, but from an investment perspective, kitchens and baths aren’t necessarily the best home improvement bang for […]

Why should you update your Windows and Sliding?

As winter comes to an end, let Trim-A-Seal install brand new windows and siding for your home. Besides the obvious increase in crib appeal, there are several other benefits that arise when replacing aging windows and siding. Added Value Using high quality windows and siding from Trim-A-Seal, the value of your home will increase. This will […]

Never Clean Your Gutters Again!

With Trim-A-Seal’s Gutter Helmet Gutter Guards, you can save the time it take you clean your gutters and use it for more important things. Trim-A-Seals’ gutter guards have a patented guard system allows water in but keeps debris out. How does it really work? The secret falls into its patented nosed design and ribbed surface […]

Top 3 Reason to Replace Your Windows

Top 3 Reasons To Replace Your Windows Are you having trouble keeping the temperature regulated in your home with northern Indiana’s crazy weather? Windows from Trim-A-Seal can help maintain a constant temperature in your home by keeping what you want inside and everything else out. In order for windows to operate effectively you must have […]

Winterize Your Home with New Vinyl Replacement Windows

Buying new replacement windows can be costly, but new windows should lower heating bills by up to 40% resulting in greater monthly utility savings and a warmer home. When it comes to home improvements, replacing windows should be at the top of the priority list. Window replacement can offer you a high return on investment […]

Gutter Helmet Can Protect Your Gutters from Snow & Ice

Cold, freezing weather is upon us and cold combined with rain can cause ice dams on your gutters. Ice dams can be an even bigger concern if gutters aren’t cleaned and maintained. If leaves are clogging your downspouts, rain will collect, build up and freeze causing gutters to tear away from roofs which can cause […]

Can Vinyl Windows Reduce My Heating Bill this Winter?

Vinyl windows are not only energy efficient, they’re also low maintenance. Installing vinyl windows this fall could help reduce your heating bills by up to 40%. Due to increases in home energy costs and tax rebates of up to $1,500 on energy efficient vinyl windows and doors, many homeowners have been motivated to replace old […]