Gutter Problems? Here’s what to look for.

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Gutter Helmet Gutter Protection

Gutter Helmet Gutter Protection

As homeowners, we tend not to spend too much time thinking about our home’s gutter system, unless there is a problem. Know what to look for if you have an issue with your rain gutters. Here’s  short checklist of potential issues that could signal the need for gutter repair, cleaning or replacement.

1) Are your rain gutters falling off, storm damaged, sagging or leaking?

2) Are gutters or downspouts clogged and causing water to back up onto the roof, run down siding or worse yet, is your basement wet? Standing water in gutters can indicate a problem.

3) Are there small trees growing out of your gutters?

4) It’s raining and water is overflowing over the gutters instead of running through them and out the downspout.

Trim A Seal of Indiana offers affordable gutter repair, gutter replacement and cleaning of existing gutter systems. We will come out and inspect your gutter system to see if there is an issue. After which we’ll provide a free estimate detailing the issues and recommended corrective actions.

If you need new gutters or gutter repaired, we are pleased to help. For over 50 years, we’ve been installing new gutter systems including seamless aluminum gutters and copper gutters,  k-style and half round gutters, in more than twenty custom colors to match your home’s siding and roof.

We use the highest quality gutter installation materials including pop rivets, hidden hangers, and outlets that are all available in colors that match your gutters. We install 5” and 6” seamless gutters, and gutter protection systems as well. Having repeated issues with clogged gutters? Never want to clean your gutters again? We’ve got the answer. Gutter Helmet’s lifetime gutter protection system is a solid gutters cover that keep leaves out for the life of your home.

Call today in the Merrillville, Indiana area to schedule a gutter inspection 800-217-6355. We look forward to hearing from you! We service all of Northwest Indiana.


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