Gutter Helmet of Indiana’s Spring Gutter Cleaning Tips

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Spring is almost here and its one of the best times to inspect your home’s gutter system for ice and snow damage, and give gutters a good cleaning, before the spring rains start. Here’s a quick guide gutter cleaning and repair guide. 

Gutter Cleaning & Repair Tips

– Most gutters need to be cleaned at least once in the spring and fall to prevent clogging. If your house is located in a  wooded area, you may need require more frequently cleanings.

– To start, you ll need a ladder, rubber gloves, a bucket and a good scooping devide (or you can use your hands). You also need a hose to rinse gutter debris from gutters.

-If gutters are moldy from standing water, scrub with a stiff brush to remove mold/mildew.

-After you remove the leaves and tree debris and empty your bucket, rinse  the gutters with the hose and check for leaky seems .

– Also check to make sure your gutters are pitched correctly and draining properly, so water flows completely out of gutters. You want to avoid any standing water

– Once you find a leak, wait for the gutters to dry, then repair any leaks with outdoor waterproof caulk

– It’s a good idea to clean gutters with a buddy, so climbing ladders is safer and you have some one to hand the bucket down to and get it emptied out.

Gutter Helmet of Indiana installs gutter systems, cleans and repairs gutters and installs Gutter Helmet gutter protection systems throughout Northwestern Indiana and Northeast Illinois (south east Chicago). Our trained gutter experts will come and inspect your gutter system for you. Some homeowners may prefer to install  Gutter Helmet gutter protection covers to keep leaves and debris out so they “Never have to Clean their gutters again!” That’s the Gutter Helmet promise.  Plus, when you install our patented gutter protection system,  we’ll clean your gutters for you for you free of charge. It’s just one of the complimentary gutter services we offer. Have questions about your gutters or need gutter service? Call Gutter Helmet of Indiana today at 800-217-6355.

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