Spring is here! Are your Gutters Clean and Working Properly?

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Spring is almost here! Homeowners love this time of year. Flower blooming, buds budding. What they don’t love is the maintenance that has to be done around their home this time of year. One thing that always needs attention is gutter systems. Leftover leaves and tree debris from fall are now sitting in your gutters causing a potential blockage. Spring rains are beginning and if gutters are clogged, it’s hard for rain water to exit gutters via the downspouts and travel safely away from your home.

Before/After Gutter Helmet

Before/After Gutter Helmet


Clogged gutters can lead to water build up, which means rotten eaves and fascia. Water can also overflow down your home’s exterior and get behind siding, causing wood rot, water in your basement or worse yet, mold. Keep your gutters clean and free flowing! It’s the key to a healthy home.  Trim A Seal in Merrillville can inspect your gutter system, clean, repair and rehang gutters or install new seamless gutters.

Tired of cleaning gutters every spring and fall? Get Gutter Helmet installed and Never Clean Your Gutters Again! We guarantee it. As an added bonus, when we come to install your Gutter Helmet system, we’ll clean your gutters for free. It’s the last gutter cleaning you’ll ever need.

Gutter Helmet has been the leader in rain gutter protection for over 30 years. Our licensed and trained gutter specialists will come and inspect your gutter system. Call now to set an appointment and check gutter cleaning off your list this spring! In Northern Indiana and South Chicago call us at 800-217-6355. Gutter Company serving Gary, Crown Point, Merrillville, Hobart, Valparaiso, Schererville, Hobart, Hammond, and the surrounding townships.

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