Fall Gutter Protection Tips from the Experts in Northwest Indiana

October 26th, 2016 by | Print

Trim A Seal of Merrillville Indiana is staffed with trained gutter installation experts who specialize in installing our custom fitted, Gutter Helmet systems on area homes.

Before those pesky fall leaves start falling and clog your gutters, it’s a good idea to have your gutters inspected to be sure they are working properly at draining water away from your home’s roof and siding. If not, this winter – snow and ice will accumulate and eventually cause long term damage that is costly.

Gutter Helmet installers are licensed and insured professionals delivering a time tested, patented gutter guard system that has been rated as the best gutter protection system – compared to gutter screens or other leaf guard gutter covers. Before your Gutter Helmet system is ever installed, we will fully inspect your home’s gutters for any damage that may compromise the effectiveness of your gutter protection system.

Inspecting the fascia and soffits for signs of wood rot, realigning guttering so they’re hung at the proper angle, and adding support brackets, are just a few of the complimentary services you receive when you choose the professionals at Trim A Seal. We’ve been serving the Gary and Merrillville areas of Northwest Indiana for over 20 years.

You also receive a free gutter cleaning – the last gutter cleaning you’ll every need. Gutter Helmet is ranked #1 and is the first solid gutter protection system ever developed. It’s easy to understand why more homeowners choose Gutter Helmet in Indiana than any other gutter protection system in America. Call today 828-681-5555 for a free inspection of your gutter system and start protecting your home today.



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