Guard Your Gutters Against Snow Damage this Winter

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gutter helmet prevents ice dams

gutter helmet prevents ice dams

Clogged gutters can become a major problem in winter. Standing water in gutter systems combined with freezing temperatures can cause ice build up which weighs gutters down and can tear them away from the roof causing costly damage to the gutter system, soffitt, fascia, siding and more. Standing water in gutters also poses the threat of mold and mildew from prolonged moisture. Some homeowners simply forget to clean leaves out of gutters in preparation for winter rain and snow. If gutters aren’t clear and free flowing when winter comes, it can lead to big problems for your home and your wallet. There is a solution!

Gutter Helmet of Indiana installs the one and only, multi-patented Gutter Helmet solid gutter system. Gutter Helmet guarantees that your rain gutters are protected for life by keeping leaves out so you never have to clean your gutters again. Gutter Helmet’s gutter protection system installs over your existing rain gutter system to prevent clogged, overflowing gutters. Gutter Helmet adds an extra layer of gutter protection from winter snow and ice. Plus, our exclusive Helmet Heat heat strip system installs over your gutters to prevent excessive ice build-up, ice-dams, and icicles by melting snow and ice that builds up on gutters

If your having problems this winter with ice dams or overflowing gutters, call the gutter protection experts at Gutter Helmet of Indiana today for a free no obligation estimate 1-800-217-6355.

For more information about how Gutter Helmet works, visit us at For current discounts and special offers, visit our coupon page

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