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New Vinyl Replacement Windows Can Lower Heating Bills

Indiana homeowners can lower their heating bills this winter by up to 40%, simply by installing new energy efficient vinyl replacement windows. No matter what style window you’re looking for, vinyl windows are a popular choice due to their low conductivity and a high energy efficiency rating. Trim A Seal is a licensed and insured window replacement contractor. […]

Hiring the Right Window Replacement Contractor in Indiana

Choosing a window replacement contractor in Northwest Indiana can be a time consuming and confusing chore. There are plenty of companies who install windows, but how do you know if you are choosing the right one? First off, many major manufacturers recommend installers specifically trained and certified for their products. This is a good place to start. To help make sure you […]

Can New Vinyl Siding Improve My Home’s Value?

Can installing new vinyl siding  increase the value of my home? Absolutely! According to, homeowners are getting a lot less bang for their remodeling bucks than they did a few years ago. From a sales perspective, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms are the most likely to help you sell your home, but from an investment perspective, […]

Window Installation Video Tutorial

Watch and learn as Howard Weiss of Trim a Seal takes us through the ins and outs of a recent window installation in Indiana. Trim A Seal of Indiana installs vinyl replacement windows by Great Lakes and Sunrise throughout Will, Lake and Porter Counties. We have a wide selection of energy effecient windows in many styles […]

Got old leaky windows? Get new energy efficient vinyl windows and save 15%

Installing new energy efficient vinyl windows will help keep the cool in and the heat out this summer. We’ve got the solution! Trim A Seal has a great selection of energy efficient windows and vinyl replacement windows by Sunrise® and Great Lakes®. Our professional window installation will save you money by reducing air infiltration and increasing the “R” […]

5 Tips to Maximize Your ROI on Home Improvements

So, Spring season is almost over and you are thinking about that next big home improvement project. Many of us realize that choosing the right project can be an endeavor that often comes with a significant amount of baggage. While it may seem like a long process, doing the research often pays off in the […]

Government Energy Tax Credit on New Windows & Doors for Your Home

If you’re a homeowners who’s been wanting to replace your old windows and doors, now’s the time! Receive Up To $500 or 10% of the Cost of new energy star approved windows and doors by December 31, 2011 Tax credits have been extended to encourage energy-efficient home improvements. Energy Star approved window or door replacements […]

Why should you update your Windows and Sliding?

As winter comes to an end, let Trim-A-Seal install brand new windows and siding for your home. Besides the obvious increase in crib appeal, there are several other benefits that arise when replacing aging windows and siding. Added Value Using high quality windows and siding from Trim-A-Seal, the value of your home will increase. This will […]

Top 3 Reason to Replace Your Windows

Top 3 Reasons To Replace Your Windows Are you having trouble keeping the temperature regulated in your home with northern Indiana’s crazy weather? Windows from Trim-A-Seal can help maintain a constant temperature in your home by keeping what you want inside and everything else out. In order for windows to operate effectively you must have […]

Winterize Your Home with New Vinyl Replacement Windows

Buying new replacement windows can be costly, but new windows should lower heating bills by up to 40% resulting in greater monthly utility savings and a warmer home. When it comes to home improvements, replacing windows should be at the top of the priority list. Window replacement can offer you a high return on investment […]