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Fall Gutter Protection from Gutter Helmet of Indiana

If you have been considering installing a Gutter Protection system, than look no farther than Gutter Helmet America’s #1 gutter leaf guard. Fall is the time when you most need it. And right now we have special offers on installation including a free gutter cleaning (the last one you’ll ever need). Now every home in Indiana can afford to […]

Take Advantage of 2013 Energy Saving Tax Credits

Several tax incentives were extended and changed through the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012.  There’s never been a better time to make energy efficient improvements to your home. Save on utility and energy bills this season and reduce heating and cooling costs when you install new windows, doors or replacement roofs.   A few qualifying products […]

Weatherize Your Home with Insulation and Save Money on Utility Bills

According to the US Department of Energy, roughly 43% of all the energy we use in our homes is attributed to heating and cooling. So it stands to reason that the better insulated our homes our, the less energy we need when heating and cooling. Proper insulation can help keep your home warm in the […]

Indiana Homeowners Save 15% Off Gutter Helmet

If you’re an Indiana homeowner who’s been considering installing a Gutter Protection system, you’ve  come to the right place. Gutter Helmet is America’s most installed gutter protection system and now every home in Indiana can afford to protect their home and family. Clogged gutter can cause roof damage and disease from mold and mosquitos. Gutter […]

Save $250 on Gutter Helmet Gutter Protection in Indiana Today

If you’re having problems with clogged or overflowing gutters on your Indiana home, call the experts today at Gutter Helmet of Indiana. Have you ever noticed gutters with small trees and weeds growing in them? Maybe yours isn’t that bad yet, but letting your clogged gutters go can lead to serious problems. The goal of gutters is to safely […]

5 Reasons to Replace Your Old Siding with Vinyl Siding by Alcoa

Thinking of replacing your old cement or aluminum siding? If you are, then here’s 5 reasons why you should consider vinyl siding instead. 1. Great quality that can withstand rocks from lawnmowers, weather, etc. 2. Significantly improve face value and appearance of your home at low prices. 3. Easily replace a single damaged piece of siding. 4. Only […]

Gutter Helmet of Indiana Early Spring Discounts!

If you’ve been considering installing Amercia’s #1 Gutter Protection system, Gutter Helmet, you picked the right time. Now every home in Indiana can afford to protect their home and family from the disease and damage cause by clogged, overflowing gutters. Gutter Helmet gutter protection now offers special financing with 6 months same as cash special financing […]

Top 10 Energy Saving Tips to Save You Money at Home

Interested in learning how to reduce your home energy costs? Trim-A-Seal makes it easy to boost your home’s energy efficiency. Check out our list of top 10 energy saving tips. Energy Saving Tips & Tricks: Turn off all unnecessary appliances and lights. Keep them unplugged and put your computer and monitor to sleep when it’s not […]

Need a Roof Replacement? There’s still time to get a $500 tax credit.

Still in need of that new roof? Looking for a way to save money on heating and cooling bills by replacing your old roof with a new one? Now’s the time to take advantage of the government’s 2011 tax credit for adding a heat-efficient metal or asphalt roof to your house so you’re ready for […]

Does My Home Need a Gutter Helmet Gutter Protection System?

How do I know if I need a Gutter Helmet gutter protection systemfor my home? Do you regularly struggle with clogged gutters? Is rain water backing up and overflowing from gutters? Gutter Helmet is a solid gutter guard that protects your gutters, keeping leaves and debris from clogging gutters. As a result, gutters won’t overflow. Instead they drain properly […]