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Seamless Rain Gutters: Everything You Need to Know

Seamless gutters or continuous gutters, as they are sometimes called – are the most commonly installed type of gutter system installed on Indiana homes. They’re popular because they have no joints or fasteners to come loose and cause leaking. Less leaks means less water damage to your home and overall, a better performing gutter system. One of […]

Gutter Problems? Here’s what to look for.

As homeowners, we tend not to spend too much time thinking about our home’s gutter system, unless there is a problem. Know what to look for if you have an issue with your rain gutters. Here’s  short checklist of potential issues that could signal the need for gutter repair, cleaning or replacement. 1) Are your […]

Spring is here! Are your Gutters Clean and Working Properly?

Spring is almost here! Homeowners love this time of year. Flower blooming, buds budding. What they don’t love is the maintenance that has to be done around their home this time of year. One thing that always needs attention is gutter systems. Leftover leaves and tree debris from fall are now sitting in your gutters […]

Fall’s Coming! And that Means it’s Time to Clean Your Gutters

Yes it’s almost that time of year again… when the leaves fall of the trees and clogged gutters that don’t drain properly become a hazardous and sometime costly problem for homeowners.  When gutters get full of leaves and tree debris, they can’t drain rain water away from your home. That can lead to water damage. […]

Why are Seamless Gutters the Most Popular Type of Gutter System?

Seamless Gutters or continuous rain gutter systems as they are often referred to, are the most popular type of gutter system installed  throughout Northwest Indiana. At Trim A Seal of Indiana, our trained, licensed and insured team of gutter professionals install seamless rain gutters and downspouts in a variety of colors in both Aluminum and […]

Inspect Gutters for Clogs and Problems Before Winter Arrives

Trim A Seal of Indiana is an authorized Gutter Helmet dealer serving Northern Indiana and South Chicago. It’s fall again and take it from us now’s the time to inspect your gutter system for leaves, tree debris, clogged downspouts, leaks or other gutter problems that can cause costly damage to your home when snow and […]

Prevent Damage Caused by Clogged or Faulty Gutter Systems

Yup, it’s that time of year again. The leaves are all off the trees… the gutters are full and they need to be cleaned. Make sure you clean your gutters and remove leaves, tree debris, clean and clear any clogged downspouts. It’s also a good idea to inspect your gutters for any leaks, loose brackets, […]

Lifetime Benefits of a Gutter Helmet Gutter Protection System

Tiring of cleaning clogged, dirty gutters every spring and fall? Just say NO to gutter cleaning once and for all. Once you have the patented Gutter Helmet solid gutter protection system installed, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again – Guaranteed. So stay off that dangerous ladder and enjoy the peace of mind that […]

Seamless Aluminum Gutter Installation Services for Indiana Homeowners

Seamless Gutters, also known as continuous rain gutter systems,  are the most popular form of gutters installed across the  country today and throughout Northwest Indiana.  The trained, licensed and insured team of gutter professionals at Gutter Helmet of Indiana install seamless rain gutters and downspouts in a variety of colors in both Aluminum  and Copper gutter styles.  […]