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Clogged Gutters in Winter May Pose a Serious Risk

If you live in Northern Indiana, clogged gutters can become a big problem in winter months due if you neglect to properly clean your gutters system.  If gutters are clogged with leaves and debris and aren’t clear and free flowing, melting snow can turn to water and build up in gutters then freeze. Freezing water […]

Make Gutter Cleaning a Priority. Gutter Helmet of Indiana can Help!

Yup, it’s that time of year again. The leaves are all off the trees… the gutters are full and they need to be cleaned. Make sure you clean your gutters and remove leaves, tree debris, clean and clear any clogged downspouts.  It’s also a good idea to inspect your gutters for any leaks, loose brackets, gutters tearing away from roof, or […]

Guard Your Gutters Against Snow Damage this Winter

Clogged gutters can become a major problem in winter. Standing water in gutter systems combined with freezing temperatures can cause ice build up which weighs gutters down and can tear them away from the roof causing costly damage to the gutter system, soffitt, fascia, siding and more. Standing water in gutters also poses the threat […]

Free Gutter Cleaning with Gutter Helmet Installation

If you’re an Indiana homeowner who’s been considering installing a Gutter Protection system, you’ve  come to the right place. Gutter Helmet is America’s most installed gutter protection system and now every home in Indiana can afford to protect their home and family. Clogged gutter can cause roof damage and disease from mold and mosquitos. Gutter Helmet gutter protection now offers a […]

Gutter Helmet of Indiana’s Spring Gutter Cleaning Tips

Spring is almost here and its one of the best times to inspect your home’s gutter system for ice and snow damage, and give gutters a good cleaning, before the spring rains start. Here’s a quick guide gutter cleaning and repair guide.  Gutter Cleaning & Repair Tips – Most gutters need to be cleaned at least once in […]

Why are Seamless Gutters the Most Popular Type of Gutter System?

Seamless Gutters or continuous rain gutter systems as they are often referred to, are the most popular type of gutter system installed  throughout Northwest Indiana. At Trim A Seal of Indiana, our trained, licensed and insured team of gutter professionals install seamless rain gutters and downspouts in a variety of colors in both Aluminum and […]

Winter Gutter Protection Tips for Your Indiana Home

Clogged gutters can become a major problem in winter because as cold weather approaches, many homeowners have neglected to properly clean leaves out of gutters in preparation for winter rain and snow. If gutters aren’t clear and free flowing, heavy rains and melting snow can build up in gutters and overflow onto fascia and down […]

Inspect Gutters for Clogs and Problems Before Winter Arrives

Trim A Seal of Indiana is an authorized Gutter Helmet dealer serving Northern Indiana and South Chicago. It’s fall again and take it from us now’s the time to inspect your gutter system for leaves, tree debris, clogged downspouts, leaks or other gutter problems that can cause costly damage to your home when snow and […]

Spring is a Great Time to Inspect Your Gutter System for Leaks or Clogs

Spring is here and that means dealing with clogged gutters filled with leaves and left over tree debris from fall that prevents gutters from draining water properly away from your home.  Take it from the gutter experts at Trim A Seal in Indiana, now’s the time to inspect your gutter system for clogs or leaks […]

Is Your Indiana Home Having Gutter Problems this Winter?

Clogged gutters can potentially cause major trouble in the winter if they weren’t cleaned or properly maintained in the fall. Freezing rain, snow and ice can build up in gutters that are not cleaned or draining properly. If gutters aren’t clear and free flowing, heavy rains and melting snow turns to water and builds up […]