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How to Protect Your Rain Gutters this Winter

Clogged gutters can cause big problems in winter. As cold weather approaches, many homeowners have neglected to properly clean leaves out of gutters.  If gutters aren’t clear and free flowing, rain and melting snow can build up in gutters and overflow onto fascia and down siding, re-freezing and causing water damage to the interior and […]

Lifetime Benefits of a Gutter Helmet Gutter Protection System

Tiring of cleaning clogged, dirty gutters every spring and fall? Just say NO to gutter cleaning once and for all. Once you have the patented Gutter Helmet solid gutter protection system installed, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again – Guaranteed. So stay off that dangerous ladder and enjoy the peace of mind that […]

Never Clean Your Gutters Again!

With Trim-A-Seal’s Gutter Helmet Gutter Guards, you can save the time it take you clean your gutters and use it for more important things. Trim-A-Seals’ gutter guards have a patented guard system allows water in but keeps debris out. How does it really work? The secret falls into its patented nosed design and ribbed surface […]

Gutter Helmet Can Save You Time and Money

Spring is in the air and it’s time to start cleaning out those gutters of all the winter muck. Why not make this the last time you have to do the work? Install a Gutter Helmet gutter protection system on your home and don’t worry about cleaning them ever again. Gutter Helmet is America’s #1 […]

Need New Gutters? Save 40% with Gutter Helmet of Indiana

Gutter Helmet of Indiana knows gutter protection!  And now you can save 40% on your full home gutter purchase.  Gutter Helmet of Indiana provides premium gutter cover protection systems, seamless aluminum gutter installation, gutter repair and cleaning. Our innovative, award winning Gutter Helmet gutter guard product keeps gutters free from leaves and debris for the […]

Why Choose Gutter Helmet For Your Gutter Protection System?

     As many of us know, there are many gutter protection services in Northwest Indiana available to us homeowners. The question is, why choose Gutter Helmet? What makes Gutter Helmet a preferred customer choice over other brands? Well, there are many reasons, but one is most prominent. The Gutter Helmet protection system has one quality that […]

Gutter Helmet Gutter protection on display at Porter County Show

It’s time for all of the spring home shows. Come visit us to see Cabinet refacing, Gutter Helmet Gutter Protection, Vinyl Replacement Windows, Vinyl Siding and many other products. This weekend we will be at the Porter County and Mishawaka home shows.  We service the following states and cities: Indiana: Huntington, South Bend, Gary, Fort […]

Gutter Helmet Guards are the Leading Gutter Protection System

Why have more than one million home owners chosen Gutter Helmet Guards to protect their home’s rain gutters? At Gutter Helmet of Indiana, we believe it’s the unique, multi-patented design that no other gutter guard company offers. Gutter Helmet covers were the original gutter guards.  Their unique patented gutter cover design first began protecting gutters from leaves and debris back […]