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Need New Steel doors to help Keep Cold Winter air out and Secure your Home?

No one in Northwest Indiana knows more about door installation than the experts in Merrillville at Trim A Seal. We’ve been installing steel security doors for over 50 years! You might say we know the ins and outs of doors. And not just steel doors. We offers storm doors, sliding doors, wood doors and all […]

Doors, Doors, Doors…Entry, Storm Doors, Sliding Glass and more! We’ve got doors on sale now.

Selling your home? Need new storm, sliding, security or steel door to spruce up the look of your home’s entry way? Save 15% now during our fall door sale for a limited time on ALL DOORS, plus get free installation. Trim A Seal of Northern Indiana and NE Illinois has a great selection of storm […]

Choosing the Right Entry Door For Your Home

Perhaps the most important component to the appearance of your home are your exterior doors. It provides access to the home, therefore visitors and ourselves interact with them on a regular basis. While the process of choosing a new entry, security, or storm door may seem simple… the selection process can prove to be a […]

5 Tips to Maximize Your ROI on Home Improvements

So, Spring season is almost over and you are thinking about that next big home improvement project. Many of us realize that choosing the right project can be an endeavor that often comes with a significant amount of baggage. While it may seem like a long process, doing the research often pays off in the […]

Trim-A- Seal’s Door Installer

We here at Trim-A-Seal from time to time like to show appreciation to our installers. Our door installer does and outstanding job when it comes to the proper installation of doors.  He has perfected the installation of our steel doors and fiberglass new construction and replacement doors also he does and excellent job on our Iron […]

Installing Aluminum Storm Doors Can Lower Energy Costs

Looking for ways to save energy around your home? Installing the right storm door not only offers protection from bad weather, it can also insulate and reduce drafts. Statistics show that 30% of your heating and cooling bill goes to air loss in your home. So the better the insulation and air sealing ability of […]