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Top 5 Reasons to Install Vinyl Siding

Thinking of replacing your old cement or aluminum siding? The expert siding contractors at Trim A Seal have compiled a list of the top 5 reasons you should consider installing vinyl siding instead. 1. Great quality that can withstand rocks from lawnmowers, weather, etc. 2. Significantly improve face value and appearance of your home at […]

Awnings, Awnings, Awnings! We’ve Got them in Every Color & Style.

Trim A Seal installs both fabric retractable awnings by Sunsetter and aluminum patio covers – the perfect solution for shading your home’s exterior from the hot and harmful sun. We offer a wide assortment of Sunsetter Awnings – the #1 best selling retractable awning in America. Fabric Awnings are an attractive addition to your home […]

Sunsetter Retractable Awnings Can Block Sun’s Harmful Rays

A Sunsetter retractable awning not only keeps your home up to 30% cooler and reduces utility expenses, it also keeps furniture, drapes, carpet and your home’s other contents out of the sun’s harmful reach. A Sunsetter awning can block 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays that can damage your home’s interior. Sunsetter offers a wide selection of motorized and non-motorized retractable […]

Sunsetter Awnings are Fully Customizable and Long Lasting!

Sunsetter is America’s number one best-selling awning and there’s a reason why…Sunetter is fully customizable, durable and long lasting. Available in motorized and non-motorized models, Sunsetter awnings can resist winds of 50-75 miles per hour and come with built in sun protection. Sunsetter awing fabric blocks 99% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. […]

Tax Credits on Energy Efficient Products for the Home

Looking for a tax credit for installing energy efficient products in your home? Currently homeowners can get a tax credit of 30%, by installing Solar Energy products. This applies to new and existing homes, primary and secondary residences as well. There are many types of energy efficient building products and products that make your home […]

Benefits of Installing a Gutter Helmet Gutter Protection System

How do I know if I need Gutter Helmet for my home? Do you regularly struggle with clogged gutters, leaves and tree debris that’s hard to remove? Is rain water backing up and overflowing from your rain gutters? Gutter Helmet is a gutter cover that is installed over your gutters to keep leaves and debris […]

Aluminum Door Canopies and Fabric Awnings offer Protection and Savings

Trim A Seal of Indiana has a large collection of aluminum canopies for windows and doors and retractable fabric awnings by Sunsetter. Awnings are the perfect way to protect doors, windows and decks from the sun and rain, as well as snow and ice. They offer year round protection for your home and property and […]

Gutter Problems? Here’s what to look for.

As homeowners, we tend not to spend too much time thinking about our home’s gutter system, unless there is a problem. Know what to look for if you have an issue with your rain gutters. Here’s  short checklist of potential issues that could signal the need for gutter repair, cleaning or replacement. 1) Are your […]

Spring is here! Are your Gutters Clean and Working Properly?

Spring is almost here! Homeowners love this time of year. Flower blooming, buds budding. What they don’t love is the maintenance that has to be done around their home this time of year. One thing that always needs attention is gutter systems. Leftover leaves and tree debris from fall are now sitting in your gutters […]

Is it Time to Replace Your Home’s Old Windows?

There are lots of good reasons to replace home windows but most people procrastinate until winter comes and cold air is pouring in through windows that old, damaged, broken or have poor seals. With a winter like the one we’re having in Northwest Indiana, old windows can make winter seem more harsh and cost you […]