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Winterize Your Home with Replacement Windows

Got cold drafty windows? With a winter like the one we’re having in Northwest Indiana, old windows can make winter seem more harsh and cost you more money. Windows that aren’t sealed properly or are old and inefficient can account for 35 to 40 percent of a home’s heat loss. With heating bills on the […]

Steel Security Doors the Perfect Choice for Your Indiana Home

Need new storm, security or steel doors to help keep the cold winter air out or secure your home from theft? Save 15% now for a limited time on ALL DOORS, plus get free installation. Trim A Seal has been installing steel security doors in Northwest Indiana for over 50 years! You might say we’re […]

Is Your Indiana Home Having Gutter Problems this Winter?

Clogged gutters can potentially cause major trouble in the winter if they weren’t cleaned or properly maintained in the fall. Freezing rain, snow and ice can build up in gutters that are not cleaned or draining properly. If gutters aren’t clear and free flowing, heavy rains and melting snow turns to water and builds up […]