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America’s #1 Gutter Protection: Gutter Helmet now with Interest Free Financing!

If you’ve been considering installing Amercia’s #1 Gutter Protection system, Gutter Helmet, you picked the right time. Now every home in Indiana can afford to protect their home and family from the disease and damage cause by clogged, overflowing gutters. Gutter Helmet gutter protection now offers special financing with NO Money Down and NO Interest for […]

Top 10 Energy Saving Tips to Save You Money at Home

Interested in learning how to reduce your home energy costs? Trim-A-Seal makes it easy to boost your home’s energy efficiency. Check out our list of top 10 energy saving tips. Energy Saving Tips & Tricks: Turn off all unnecessary appliances and lights. Keep them unplugged and put your computer and monitor to sleep when it’s not […]

5 reasons to get a solar power attic fan

A solar powered attic fan is an attic fan that is installed on the exterior of the roof that runs entirely on the power of the sun. Unlike a traditional attic fan, the solar power attic fan is completely self sufficient, and even automatically monitors itself. 1.       Completely self-sufficient The solar powered attic fan solely […]

Can Installing Vinyl Siding or Replacement windows help you get more money for your home?

Can installing new vinyl siding or replacement windows increase the value of your home? Absolutely! According to, homeowners are getting a lot less bang for their remodeling bucks than they did a few years ago. From a sales perspective, remodeling kitchens and bathrooms are the most likely to help you sell your home, but […]