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Vinyl Windows Indiana – Low Price Guarantee!

Trim A Seal installs beautiful and energy efficient vinyl windows and vinyl replacement windows by Sunrise® and Great Lakes® throughout Northern Indiana and Northeast Illinois.  To ensure your satisfaction, every window we install comes with a lifetime warranty. Vinyl windows are long lasting and virtually maintenance free; they won’t rust, rot, blister, or peel and […]

Why Choose Gutter Helmet For Your Gutter Protection System?

     As many of us know, there are many gutter protection services in Northwest Indiana available to us homeowners. The question is, why choose Gutter Helmet? What makes Gutter Helmet a preferred customer choice over other brands? Well, there are many reasons, but one is most prominent. The Gutter Helmet protection system has one quality that […]

5 Reasons To Replace Your Aluminum/Cement Siding With Vinyl Siding…

1. Great quality that can withstand rocks from lawnmowers, weather, etc. 2. Significantly improve face value and appearance of your home at low prices. 3. Easily replace a single damaged piece of siding. 4. Only maintenance is to spray and wash twice a year. 5. Long lasting and durable. In addition to these points, there are many other positive benefits […]

Tax Credit on Sunrise Energy Efficient Vinyl Replacement Windows

If you’re considering replacing old drafty windows this year, it’s a good time to consider vinyl replacement windows from Sunrise Windows. When you buy now through December 31, 2010, you can an added tax break if you install new window replacements that qualify for the US Energy Income Tax Credit. You can take up to […]

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets – The Fast, Affordable and Environmentally Friendly Remodeling Solution

If you’re unhappy with your current kitchen cabinets, there’s no reason to replace them, just resurface and reface cabinets  with Cabinet Restylers. A traditional kitchen remodeling project can cost between $20,000 -$30,000 for new kitchen cabinets.  Or you can have kitchen cabinets refaced spending half of that amount. Kitchen cabinet refacing not only costs less, it’s faster, […]

Year Round Gutter Protection by Gutter Helmet of Indiana

Clogged gutters can become a major problem in spring, especially if they’re full of leaves leftover from fall. Heavy spring rains can build up in gutters quickly if gutters aren’t clear and free flowing. Clogged gutters can cause standing water and overflowing gutters, which leads may lead to water damage to your roof, fascia and siding. Gutter Helmet’s […]

Lower Heating Bills in Indiana with Sunrise Vinyl Replacement Windows

Sunrise vinyl replacement windows are not only low maintenance, but they can also help reduce your heating and cooling bills by up to 40%. Recent increases in home energy costs have prompted many homeowners to seek remedies for making their home more energy efficient. One of the best ways to lower energy and heating bills is […]

Gutter Helmet Gutter protection on display at Porter County Show

It’s time for all of the spring home shows. Come visit us to see Cabinet refacing, Gutter Helmet Gutter Protection, Vinyl Replacement Windows, Vinyl Siding and many other products. This weekend we will be at the Porter County and Mishawaka home shows.  We service the following states and cities: Indiana: Huntington, South Bend, Gary, Fort […]

Gutter Helmet Installation – Lake & Porter County, IN

When you choose to have a Gutter Helmet gutter protection system installed, the first thing we do is clean, seal, check and adjust the alignment of your gutter system. Our trained installers will custom-fit  Gutter Helmet’s solid gutter covers for your home and install them using heavy gauge, reinforced support brackets. Gutter Helmet’s special brackets actually  help reinforce and support […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing by Trim A Seal of Indiana

Trim A Seal of Indiana is proud to introduce its newest product, Cabinet Restylers, kitchen cabinet refacing – the beautiful, affordable alternative to new kitchen cabinets.   There’s no need to replace old kitchen cabinets, resurface and reface them instead.  Cabinet Restylers lets you remodel your existing kitchen cabinets and save hundreds of new cabinets. Imagine […]