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Gutter Helmet Gutter Guard Systems – Does My Home Need One?

Why do I need a Gutter Helmet Gutter Guard Protection System? Because with Gutter Helmet, you’ll never have to clean your gutters again. If you’re climbing dangerous ladders to clean gutters – you don’t have to!  Stop the damage that overflowing gutters can cause such as mold, rotting fascia boards, damage to siding and walls and landscape. It’s easy with […]

Alcoa Vinyl Siding – Indiana’s Green Exterior Alternative

One of the leading manufacturers of vinyl siding is Alcoa. siding is the home exterior treatment of choice for most homeowners. Nothing is as easy to care for as vinyl siding. It won’t rot or mildew. The life of vinyl siding is twenty to twenty five years.  It will never need painting during that time. […]

How Much Does New Vinyl Siding Cost?

Throughout the country, and especially here in the Northern Indiana area, vinyl siding is the number one choice of exterior cladding. In fact, U.S. Census Bureau statistics show twice as many homeowners install vinyl siding more than with any other material.  A broad range of vinyl siding colors palette and styles are available to compliment your home’s exterior. […]

Gutter Helmet Guards are the Leading Gutter Protection System

Why have more than one million home owners chosen Gutter Helmet Guards to protect their home’s rain gutters? At Gutter Helmet of Indiana, we believe it’s the unique, multi-patented design that no other gutter guard company offers. Gutter Helmet covers were the original gutter guards.  Their unique patented gutter cover design first began protecting gutters from leaves and debris back […]

Patio Covers & Aluminum Awnings are Functional, Affordable & Beautiful

Styled Rite of Indiana has a large collection of patio covers and outdoor aluminum, fabric and retractable awnings, ideal for protecting doors and windows from the elements. We also carry a wide assortment of Sunsetter Awnings – the #1 best selling retractable awning in America. Retractable awnings are attractive additions to your home that protect the […]

Steel Security & Entry Doors Are the Safe Alternative

Does Your Home Need a Steel Security Door? According to the FBI – a home is invasion occurs every 14 seconds in America. How does a burglar get in?  They break down your front or back door and two o’clock in the afternoon is the most common break-in time. Is your home safe? To find […]

The Affordable, Dependable Choice – Vinyl Windows

Vinyl has become the leading choice for replacement and new window installation throughout the country. Vinyl has replaced wood framing and construction for a number of reasons. First, vinyl windows are more durable than wood, lasting years longer and requiring far less upkeep. No need to worry about wood rot and termite damage. Second, vinyl windows […]

Why Should I Install Sunrise Vinyl Replacement Windows?

Styled-Rite offers a full line of high-quality custom-made vinyl windows. One stylish option is Sunrise Windows – the most energy-efficient, technologically advanced replacement window systems on the market. Every new window installed comes with a lifetime warranty and customer service second to none. Styled-Rite installs vinyl replacement windows, patio door systems, awnings, vinyl siding, steel […]